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Lillian Weber goes viral
March 9, 2015
Lillian is our “sewing celebrity” who will turn 100 in May. 100% of the donations in the Lillian Weber Fund will go to shipping little dresses to Africa.
Richard, WA hits 6000 dresses
March 5, 2015
A great article features the leader of the LDFA Richland, WA group. They’ve sewn over 6000 dresses. Wonderful work!
North West Kansas Sewing 1000
February 20, 2015
The constant whir of sewing machines filled the gym at Celebration Community Church in Hays, accompanied only by the sound of friendly chatter.
Jacquie Ghormley Finds Her Niche In Sewing
January 9, 2015
For nearly a half-century Jacquie Ghormley has either been making new clothes or remaking them to fit.
Churchwomen Send Hope in the Form of a Sundress
December 5, 2015
A group of local church women have that same desire, and find they really enjoy making these simple dresses for little girls they will never know or see.
Changing Lives Here and Across The Ocean
October 25, 2015
We always say, “Little Dresses changes lives here… and across the ocean.” Well, here’s a story that should change us all whereever we are.
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